Inspired  Brushstrokes is organized into four galleries ~ Family,  Golf Landscapes and Seascapes  and  Memphis Landmarks. The inspirational art and writings are dedicate to encourage you to use your God-given gifts, Imagination, Faith, Talents, and Spiritual gifts to point people in your circle of influence to JESUS. 


In progress: Colorado's Mount of the Holy Cross

The cross standing tall above the wilderness seems to be a bold statement from the Creator of how important the message of the cross really is. Completed painting can be seen on Facebook until I can get this image updated. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Just about done! Being painted for Liberty Bible Church, New Hope Counseling Ministry. Any idea what the scripture or theme is?


"Raising Faith "
Enjoy your gallery tour without having to leave that chair!  Gallery 1 Family Heirloom Collection

Jesus, His name, crosses and a baptism can be found in "The Great Commission"

"Jesus Led the Way"

"Rise Up, Oh Nation, 
and Follow Me"

"Born to Serve"  

"Momma's Little Man"


Magnolia Memories"

"Yesterday, Today and Forever... Momma's Little Girl"  


"Jesus Led the Way"

"Augusta National Clubhouse"
Home of the Master's
Golf Collection
Gallery 2 Golf Collection

"Reflections at the 16th Hole" 


"18th at Harbour Town"
Hilton Head Island
Golf Collection

"Seaside Splendor"

Gallery 3 Landscapes and Seascapes Gallery

Hawaii Series 


"Seven Sacred Pools"

Landscapes/ Seascapes

"Diamond Head Lighthouse"

Landscapes/ Seascapes


"The Maker of the Mountain"  
Landscapes/ Seascapes

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Joyce Girgenti
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My Faith-Based Art is grounded in, and flows out of, my personal relationship with God. One of the reasons I continue incorporating JESUS' name and faith-based messages in my work is to remind believers that we’re all involved in ministry (which begins at home, and then to others). Painful situations, difficult relationships, and challenging responsibilities can overwhelm us IF we forget that they indeed have an unforeseeable God-shaped purpose. I can just hear the Lord cheering us on with encouraging whispers in the heat of our battles, "I’m watching you, beloved! Don’t get distracted! IF you stay focused on Me, THEN I will do what you could never dare to dream; your relationship with Me will deepened; your faith will increase; your heart will be cleansed and transformed; some questions will get answers; and people will be impacted for eternity in your sphere of influence."

This art-ministry is an open door for evangelism as the visual messages bring up conversation where lost souls open up to share what's going on in their broken little corner of the world. Though I point viewers to JESUS, no one is transformed by studying a piece of art. My paintings are only a tool that God uses to open the door to talk about Jesus and our need to know and live for Him. It's the work of the Holy Spirit when a lost soul opens his/her heart to receive Christ. My purpose for pointing you to Jesus is only to encourage you to diligently develop a consistent devotional life, and to help you discover God's Free-Way! We learn from one another's experiences. My personal faith journey, and the strongholds I've found freedom in, has deeply influenced this ministry, which are some of the topics discussed at speaking engagements. Be encouraged to help others in your sphere of influence, by sharing what God has taught you. Tell your redemption story, Friend, and use your God-given and spiritual gifts for His glory. Then be prepared to see life-changing results from your faithfulness! "When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours," Romans 1:12

ABOUT YOUR IMPACT: Paintings become permanent records of their creator's passion. Artist or not, you paint permanent messages in the memories of  your viewers. If you've not been mindful of how you'll be remembered, start today. Choices today influence your viewers long after you're gone. When we focus on Jesus, our Christ-centered perspective results in eternal rewards (on earth and in heaven). We will harvest what we plant Galatians6:1-10 and those we share life with will be impacted for good or for evil (depending on the seed you have chosen to plant). You're making a difference for eternity as your heart reveals what you're really made of Proverbs27:19. How will the end of your story be written? The transforming power of Jesus, which is the Holy Spirit within the heart of every believer, equips us with discernment to make the right choices the moment we confess our sins to make Jesus the Lord of our lives. The next right step is to get plugged in to a Bible-based church and small groups to grow in your faith and to find your place in the body of Christ. 

ABOUT GIFTS: Don't compare others giftedness with yours. You deceive yourself if you think your gifts and abilities are too small. Just be obedient to the Spirit's leading so that each part of Christ' body is functioning as it was created to do. NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow, is a bold witness with his God-given platform. Devoted to his calling, he faithfully exemplifying his love for God (above all else) and love for others (even his critics). His title, fame, or fortune is not Tim's greatest purpose in life; his greatest purpose is to point his viewers to JESUS. How are you using your God-given platform? Be encouraged, Friend! And be creative in pointing others to Christ with the God-given talents and spiritual gifts you are given by the very nature of God working within you. If you're thinking, "I don't even know where to begin," your MINISTRY is where you spend your time. Think about what you do well, and what you love to do. Think about your redemption story and ask God how and with whom to share it. 

HOW GOD MAKE HIS WILL KNOWN: "By the power of the Holy Spirit, God reveals Himself through prayer, the bible, circumstances, and other Christians (the church)," - Henry Blackaby, "Experiencing God". My Family Scenes exemplify our need for devoted time with God to develop a growing relationship with Him. Do you love God above all relationships and all things? Are you daily applying and sharing His Promises mentioned in Scripture? What happens at the moment of salvation?  My personal testimony bears witness to a changed life when one turns from sin, and turns to God. (The Apostle Paul's testimony Acts26:12-23.) Don't rob yourself of the blessings tucked away in the treasure chest of God's Life-giving Word. IF you search for Him with your whole heart, you have His promise; He will be found Jeremiah 29: 11-14.

OTHER AREAS OF SERVICE: I transport and counsel military recruits and give each of them their favorite piece of art to evangelize and encourage them; serve at Liberty Bible Church New Hope Counseling Ministry, Chesterton, IN; set up art exhibits in churches and government facilities (schools, colleges, libraries, businesses...); provide art for non-profits.; and speak at churches, schools, and events when invited. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Many people die with their MUSIC still in them.” The Spirit gives each of us different abilities to build up the body of Christ and to be His well lit temple wherever we spend time. For me, visual inspiration and creative communication has been the music I can't help but share. Determine today to leave this world spent. 

Please share your suggestions, questions, or how you've been inspired to get involvement in what God is doing to revive and move the hearts of His people,  
Joyce Girgenti (inspirational artist and faith speaker)

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   Gallery  4 My First Published Works: The Memphis Collection 

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